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  2. 產品資料

    AAFBioCel V空氣過濾器

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    產品名稱: AAFBioCel V空氣過濾器
    產品型號: 610 x 610 x 292 mm
    產品廠商: AAF
    產品文檔: 無相關文檔

    AAFBioCelV空氣過濾器 ü適合各種操作環境 AAFBioCel V空氣過濾器 - 高風速 - 各種風量 - 亂流 - 風機重復開關 - 高濕度 - 間斷的暴露于水邊及潮濕環境,如海邊等

    AAFBioCel V空氣過濾器 的詳細介紹



    AAFBioCelV空氣過濾器  AAFBioCel V空氣過濾器  AAFBioCel V空氣過濾器


              - 高風速

              - 各種風量

              - 亂流

              - 風機重復開關

              - 高濕度

              - 間斷的暴露于水邊及潮濕環境,如海邊等


    BioCel® V
    l H10 classification in
    accordance with EN1882
    l High air capacity:
    3000 m3/h
    l Reduced energy costs
    and long service life
    l Lightweight and
    easy to install
    BioCel V is designed for industrial
    HVAC installations in which HEPA
    quality air filtration is required. As a H10
    EN1882 classified air filter, BioCel V is
    ideal for upgrading an existing
    non-HEPA HVAC installation to a
    HEPA installation. The filter’s mini-pleat
    media provides high quality filtration on
    fine particulate matter removing tiny dust
    particles from the airstream efficiently.
    Because of its 3000 m3/h air capacity,
    BioCel V is an ideal choice in new
    installations as fewer filters are needed to
    handle the same volume of air compared
    to HEPA filters of the same size with a
    lower capacity. Fewer filters means less
    installation space. The filter displays low
    media resistance which results in low
    energy costs and long service life.
    Lightweight, BioCel V is easy to handle
    and install. Temperature limit: 70°C.
    B E T T E R A I R I S O U R B U S I N E S S®
    High Quality Compact HEPA Filter for HVAC Systems
    Resistance vs Face Veloci
    BioCel® V
    RA-2-541-IN-2-0899 © 1999 AAF International
    AAF has a policy of continuous product research and improvement and reserves the right to change design and
    specifications without notice.
    Size Classification Low Airflow Initial High Airflow Initial Efficiency* Media Area
    (mm) EN1822 m3/h Resistance (Pa) m3/h Resistance (Pa) % @ 0.3 μm m2
    592 x 592 x 292 H10 2000 120 3000 200 95 20.4
    287 x 592 x 292 H10 1000 120 1500 250 95 9.0
    Technical Data
    Technical Data Standard Execution
    Dimensions : 610 x 610 x 292 mm, 292 x 610 x 292 mm,
    Media : Ultra-fine glass fibres formed into a high density paper
    Cell sides : Polystyrene
    Separators : Thermoplastic ribbon
    Disposal : Landfill or incineration
    Temperature limit : 70 °C
    Style code : BV6-2424-12 resp. BV6-1224-12
    Note: Non-standard sizes and executions available upon request
    * Efficiency % @ MPPS > 85%
    AAF-International B.V.
    P.O. Box 7928
    1008 AC Amsterdam


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